External Publications

ICCA Project Report on India, “Does a Right to a Physical Hearing Exist in International Arbitration?” (co-authored with Kingshuk Banerjee)

[Published by the International Council of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) on 8 February 2021. The research project was spearheaded by co-editors Giacomo Rojas Elgueta, James Hosking and Yasmine Lahlou. Reports from other jurisdictions are available here]

(Dispute Resolution International, Vol 14 No 1, May 2020, International Bar Association)

Reconsidering the Arbitrability of Tenancy Disputes in India (co-authored with Kingshuk Banerjee)

(Bar and Bench, published on 16 April 2019)

India’s Treatment of Interconnected Agreements to Arbitrate

(Kluwer Arbitration Blog, published on 9 August 2018)

Of Harmony and Interference: Delhi High Court Sets Aside Award for Arbitrator’s Erroneous Interpretation of Contract

(IndiaCorpLaw, published on 4 May 2018)

Supreme Court Declines to Make Composite Reference to Arbitration from Interrelated Multiple Agreements

(IndiaCorpLaw, published on 30 November 2017)

Deconstructing the Delhi High Court’s Anti-Arbitration Injunction against Vodafone UK’s BIT Arbitration

(IndiaCorpLaw, published on 30 October 2017)

Corporate debtors required to have initiated litigation/arbitration against creditor before receiving insolvency notice under S. 8(1) of IBC 

(Interitus IP, published on 28 March 2017)